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GUNTHER GERZSO (1915-2000)

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October 26, 2004
A Global Response to War Rendered in Words and Images
Victor Alejandro Sorell, NY ARTS Magazine

June 2004
Gunther Gerzso
Elisa Turner, ARTnews

April 4, 2004
Watching Talent Rise to the Top (Excerpt)
Elisa Turner, The Miami Herald

March 22, 2004
Diversions with a World Beat
Lucinda Hahn, Chicago Tribune

March 21, 2004
Modernist Gunther Gerzso Finally Getting His Due
Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun Times

March 21, 2004
Gerzso's Mastery Richly Detailed at Mexican Fine Arts Center
Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune

March 19, 2004
Los Poemas Visuales de Gunther Gerzso
Translation: The Visual Poems of Gunther Gerzso
Alejandro Riera, HOY, Chicago Tribune

March 7, 2004
Gunther Gerzso: Los Antecedentes de su Pintura
Translation: Gunther Gerzso: The Antecedents of His Painting
Carlos M. Luis, El Nuevo Herald

November 13, 2003
Exhiben Obra Inedita de Gunther Gerzso
Translation: Exhibition of Unpublished Work by Gunther Gerzso
Miguel Angel Ceballos, El Universal

November 12, 2003
Revaloran al Gerzso Abstracto
Translation: Revaluation of Gerzso's Abstraction
Maria Eugnia Sevilla, La Reforma

September 14, 2003
Gunther Gerzso y sus "paisajes del espíritu"
Stephen Kinzer, El Universal

August 26, 2003
Just For Art, Mexican Broke the Mold
Stephen Kinzer, The New York Times

August 26, 2003
A Uniquely Mexican Modernist
Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times

July 21, 2003
Museum of Art Hosts Gala for Gerzso
Lorraine D. Wilson, Santa Barbara News-Press

July 13, 2003
Finding Their Place in the Sun
Suzanne Muchnic, Los Angeles Times

July 10, 2003
A New Direction
Andrea Estrada, South Coast Beacon

June 17, 2000
Gunther Gerzso creó sus propias rupturas y padeció la segregación
Olivier Debroise, El Universal

April 23, 2000
Gunther Gerzso fue pionero del arte abstracto en México
Edgar A. Hernandez, El Universal